John Birges<br />aka János Birges<br />AKA John Birges, Sr.<br />AKA "Big John"

John Birges

aka János Birges

AKA John Birges, Sr.

AKA "Big John"

John Waldo Birges<br />AKA John Birges, Jr.<br />AKA "Posso"

John Waldo Birges

AKA John Birges, Jr.

AKA "Posso"

James William Birges<br />AKA Jimmy Birges<br />AKA "Nyulash"

James William Birges

AKA Jimmy Birges

AKA "Nyulash"

Ella Joan Williams<br />AKA Joanne Williams

Ella Joan Williams

AKA Joanne Williams

Willis Brown<br />AKA "Bill" Brown

Willis Brown

AKA "Bill" Brown

Terry Lee Hall

Terry Lee Hall

John Birges<br />October 2, 1984<br />Douglas County <br />Sheriff's Office

John Birges

October 2, 1984

Douglas County

Sheriff's Office

A year after the bombing at Harvey's Resort Hotel, the FBI arrested John Birges; his girlfriend, Ella Joan Williams; and the two men he hired to help deliver the bomb, Willis "Bill" Brown and Terry Lee Hall. Birges' two sons, John W. Birges and Jim Birges, cooperated with authorities and were sentenced to probation. Brown pleaded guilty for a reduced sentence, and the others were tried and convicted on federal charges, and later faced state charges.